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Artiste - Art Thérapeute Humaniste- Fondatrice de ECC/ABB

Salima Raoui

Daily walks with Self : Following the Stone message

Happy Friday everyone, from Stony Point Center where I have started my 3 months artist in residence program just about a week ago

By looking at the picture above I just realize that before I've discovered this place and the stone at its entrance, I found a stone in my walks at Maamora forest last January. with a heart carved into it...not man made, nature made, as it was deeply rooted in the ground , unmovable ..and this is what the message was all about...there would be Love in a Stone

So much to report, but first I need time to process all, for I have landed on a vast and rich beautiful place home to many amazing Beings, all connected to one main goal, Peace on Earth!

Wow little did I know 4 months ago when I typed my search for an artist residency program that this would be the place to Be for me at this time of my life! I didn't search any other residencies, I sent out my application but never thought I would be selected

I was in Morocco at that time, in my little apartment in Kenitra, dreaming a larger vision of my next steps in life...so after many collages on the subject I finally landed right where I was dreaming to be. Yesterday topic in Rabbi Nahum Class #5 ,  We Make the Way by Walking illustrates quite perfectly how I've landed here!

So in this little short update I wanted to first let you know how I am doing...then wish you Happy Friday, Shabat Shalom, Jomoa Moubaraka, a happy mother's day this coming sunday here in the US, and a great preparation for Ramadan coming up next week

I started skipping breakfast this morning, may have a light lunch and switch my meals to later in the day everyday until Ramadan starts.

Now I am about to go to Coran and Cookie meeting at our Chaplain here Rabea Barbara Harris, my dedicated Stonypointer :) - meaning my very special dedicated guide while I am here at Stony Point. 

The past week has been amazingly full of meetings, connexions , lectures, workshops. I have learned so much in so little time that I feel I have been here for 1 month already

I have been welcomed by the previous 2 artists in residence , a beautiful couple Jake and Jessica who have been my little helpers guides smoothing me into my new surroundings. They have gently introduced me to my new way of living for the next 3 months

I am deeply grateful for their presence and will miss them as tonight will be Jake departure celebration with his book launch party and my introduction to my new role here officially...The art will continue as we pass the flame one to the other so that its fire and light continues to burn unconditionally all over the world and here at Stony Point Center.

Thank you Kitty and Rick for a warm and gentle welcome, thanks to the CLT ( Community of Living Traditions) for amazing meetings with you, thanks to  the land, thanks to all the amazing speakers/teachers who were here this week and  to the board members who I was lucky to meet during their annual meeting here!

My heart is full  of gratitude

Much more  later :), pictures, and all 



Daily walks with Self : Following the Stone message
Daily walks with Self : Following the Stone message
Daily walks with Self : Following the Stone message
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