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Artiste - Art Thérapeute Humaniste- Fondatrice de ECC/ABB

Salima Raoui

Full moon Circle In Stony Point Center

Tuesday, May 29 at 7:15 PM - 9:15 PM

Full Moon Circle guided by Salima Luna Ghazal Raoui @ Stony Point Center 
17 Crickettown Rd, Stony Point, NY 10980-3202

“Re-Membering “the Sacred Feminine : My Body , My Sacred Temple

Looking for all the lost parts of our Feminine energy which needs to become whole again, we will start a journey back to our Yin and Yang Nature. Through healing rituals and visualisation, chakras clearing, intuitive movement, storytelling, we will share our most precious gifts and treasure : our personal life story.

As women as well as men, we need to connect to the sacred feminine energy within us , so that we can explore and develop further our intuition, unconditional love, creativity and compassion.

Moon cycles create moods and emotions behind which lies a vast and limitless field of creativity and wisdom. Moon circles open the space for regular inspiration, release and transformation.

Like in Red Tents , Hamams, Sweat Lodges and High Priestesses Circles of the past, where women and men used to meet and share their wisdom, we gather monthly at the new and full moon , to purge, unload, reload, boost and strengthen our spirit.

In a safe and loving supportive Circle, we bring our griefs, we shed our tears, we heal our hearts , we hear our souls, we feel our joy, we connect with Love and we leave with Light.
So that we can go back to our overloaded full time life empowered as the unique and sacred being we are on this Earth and in the Universe.

This month we will focus on healing our body as our sacred temple. In men and in women, there is a very fertile field like the womb, from which ideas, inventions, art and deep reflexion inform and infuse our imagination. This field has , like the moon, its own cycles. 

Clearing the path , tending to our inner garden will reflect on our health and help make our body our sacred temple.
New moons are for stating and creating new intentions, full moons for releasing and dissolving old energies and wounds.


Salima is also available upon request for private sessions in Hypnosis, Reiki, Dream , Vision Board and Quest , Holistic Art and Chakra Therapy. She facilitates moon and healing circles within NYC,Larchmont,NJ,CT and Philadelphia area

RSVP - FB page link  below or   914-374-0085 - lateliersr@gmail.com

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