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Artiste - Art Thérapeute Humaniste- Fondatrice de ECC/ABB

Salima Raoui

Sacred Feminine Circle Testimonials

“…During my second session “Spiritual Art Journaling”, with Salima Raoui (Moroccan artist and fiber designer), I was invited to take a 5 minute walk in Bishop’s Garden and then meditate on love before launching into a collage project. Beyond, the actual art I made, what I took away from this session was the message Salima gave during our meditation. She had us each visualize a person who had awakened love in our hearts, whether this person was with us or not. She asked us to say the person’s name in our heart and to see him/her. I did and pain filled my chest. She encouraged us to not remember the loss, but the memory of love awakened - what it felt like to be with the person. Hearing his laughter in my head, I smiled to myself and the hurt seemed to fade. “Feel gratitude for this person and your experience. For even if they are gone, the love will always be there”, she said. It made perfect sense and I felt perfect peace”.Nia

“I so enjoyed meeting you at the Sacred Circles (with my friend Anne- we all sat together at the Closing ceremony)…I work in three  high schools with pregnant teens and we did collages this last week. I will send some pics of their collages when I get a chance…I made the artwork part of our self-esteem class…we had 50 minutes together but the collage allowed us to put together some wonderful self-expressions. Thanks for resurrecting this gift which I had indulged in years ago and now see it is something that can be embraced by many and for different reasons. Be safe and have a loving and peaceful trip!” Wendy

“I attended your daylong workshop at Sacred Circles, and would like to thank you again for the beautiful, inspiring, enduring experience.  I came to the conference with the hope of opening up a flow, of heart, of creativity.  Your workshop was my key, and you the gentle midwife of an extraordinary new freedom of expression.  Leading to…. my blog!  Which I just launched this past Sunday.” Jo 

Thank you so much for the quick follow up!  I am the Syrian-American woman (Jewish) who approached you at the Saturday session and told you how moved I was by how you framed the conflict between your home and your place of freedom.  And how you have managed to incorporate your freedom into your home.  You suggested that I honor my mother's side (the Syrian side) by re-valuing the feminine in their lives, by among other things, cooking.  Something I used to love but had set aside as my masculine side  took over. So I dusted off my stack of cookbooks and will have an all-Syrian-food Sabbath (Friday night and Saturday lunch), with guests for both meals, mezze for lunch, arak, bowls of olives, the whole nine yards.  I am so excited and my kids are too!  It also allows me to focus my energy on something positive rather than negative.Thank you so much for your generosity of spirit.  I wish you all the best in your heart journey.With warmest regards,Carolyn

Salima, I had the privilege of participating in the Friday Intensive of ArtBeing and Becoming at the National Cathedral.  I am Marilyn, the African American Woman who held retreats for African American Women for ten years.Thank you for a lovely, spiritual day that touched me  deeply in many ways.   I returned home to Philadelphia Friday evening full and exhausted, an exhaustion that has not yet lifted.  I understand it, for I have had to move too quickly back into my life as a therapist.  But this week-end I am looking forward to having the space and time to integrate my experience of the workshop into my being.  I will be in touch as I contemplate my inspiration and vision of new ways to integrate my art and my practice as a psychotherapist. Marilyn


From my participation in Sacred Circle Conference : Love in Action , February 2009, Washington Dc National Cathedral


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May 29th and June 2nd 2018

Stony Point Center and Montclair NJ

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