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Salima Raoui

Artiste - Art Thérapeute Humaniste- Fondatrice de ECC/ABB

Salima Raoui

Stony Point Center Newsletter on Salima's Residency


Salima MedSpace SMArtist-in Residence Salima Luna Ghazal Raoui has embarked on the next stage of her journey after a whirlwind of painting, teaching, jewelry-making and vlogging on and in communion with the SPC Campus and Community. During her 3 month stay, Salima led weekly Sufi chanting meditations, held Moon Circles on the new moon and full moon, recorded daily video blogs documenting her interaction with the SPC campus and community, birthed a dozen fine paintings and inspired wearable art, and led workshops on freestyle Arab calligraphy, mandala making, mystical path poetry of Rumi, collage vision board making, and painting in the Masters' footsteps: Matisse in Morocco. She also helped us form a practice called "Open Arts Workspaces" which we hope to continue as a way to unlock the artistic talent within our residential staff community in communion with the Artists In Residence who sojourn here.

Salima ExhibitIn this video, which is the first in the SPC Artist In Residence series, Salima shares her path to Stony Point Center and explains the significance and inspirations of the painting "Vision", from her closing exhibit GLITTER OF LIGHT. "Vision" will be one of the homegrown items featured in the "Slice of Life" Silent Auction at SPC's annual Farm-to-Table Gala. Start saving your pennies now! To purchase yoru tickets to the gala, visit stonypointcenter.org/gala

In this video, Salima explains the significance of the collages she left in the SPC Artist-In-Salima CollageVideoResidence Book, how she tried to capture how her own cultural, spiritual and personal "Matter" danced with SPC. As the daughter of a hotel manager in Morocco, Salima spent much of her childhood living amongst a residential community of hospitality providers. With that biographical connection, she responded to the living struggle to manifest radical hospitality that the SPC Campus community is engaged in. "I really feel that in this community... there is a jihad being waged," she explains in her video. "True holy war is to praise God and to cut away the enemies of truth within our own hearts."

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Check out Salima's work for sale on "The Little Retreat Store" and connect with her unfolding journey on salimaraoui.com.

Learn more about SPC's Artist-in-Residence Program, and how you can can engage with our current Artist in Residence Maud Bartlettduring your visit.

Stony Point Center Newsletter on Salima's Residency
Stony Point Center Newsletter on Salima's Residency

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