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Artiste - Art Thérapeute Humaniste- Fondatrice de ECC/ABB

Salima Raoui

Inspiring movies : A Creative Life

So beautiful, no words to add

I love this Youtube channel I just discovered ...I will be posting the short films I have watched like a daily bowl of visual wisdom and inspiration

Dont hesitate to support their channel, and contribute! I think they are infusing the collective consciousness with joy, beauty, life, wisdom, simplicity and humanity...like no other longer movies can! 

and share! 

Much love


Here more about it from the creators

"As humans, we have a challenge that other organisms don’t have. We are confronted with way more reality than any of us can stomach. The question is, how do we release the tensions that build up in our anxious human lives? “Art is a guarantee to sanity,” said Louise Bourgeois. Creative practice is a way to access a meditative state of mind, breaking free from the constant debilitating chatter of the mind. It also taps into the deep unconscious and allow us to tune in to how we're feeling inside, which can bring about profound healing. The final result is not what matters. What is important is how the process of creating makes you feel.

Why not use creativity as a way of spending some quiet time by yourself.

To be part of our film making journey - https://www.patreon.com/greenrenaissance

Who is Green Renaissance? We are Michael and Justine - passionate filmmakers, living off-grid and dedicating our time to making films that we hope will inspire and share hope and positivity out into the world.

This film features : Dawn Garisch, Gina Niederhumer, Ole Jakob Nielsen and Kyoko Kimura Morgan Editing - by Jackie Viviers Sound mix - by Tamryn Breakey Equipment used - mix of Sony FS7 and Sony A7S Music sourced from ArtList - https://bit.ly/2KfrAt2 Sunday Afternoon - by IamDayLight Open Your Eyes - by Alon Peretz Cora - by Kevin Graham Dusk - by Autumn Spirits"

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